Microsoft begins public testing of the Loop Collaboration Service

Microsoft begins public testing of the Loop Collaboration Service

Microsoft has started public testing of the Loop service, designed for collaborating on projects in Microsoft 365. The novelty is in many ways similar to existing analogues like Notion, but at the same time it is tightly integrated with the Microsoft cloud platform. which can bring some benefits to the service.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

The service gives you access to shared workspaces and pages where you can import and organize tasks, projects and documents online. Users can turn any page into a content block and then paste it into Teams, Outlook, Word, and more.

Interacting with Loop is like working with colleagues at the same table. Online changes made by different users are synchronized and visible to all team members. The service is designed according to the principles of collaboration and co-creation. The main interface resembles Notion in many ways. Pages in Loop are like blank canvases, and a number of templates help you get started right away.

Like collaborating on Word documents or Google Docs, Loop supports the ability for up to 50 users to edit a working draft at the same time. Microsoft has reportedly tested this feature with hundreds of people to ensure Loop can scale for these types of tasks. In general, the service focuses on small teams of 2 to 12 people working together on the implementation of different projects.

Users can interact with Loop from mobile devices, although a smartphone can hardly be called a handy tool for creating and editing documents. However, it is quite suitable for reviewing the changes made and reading notes. Additionally, Microsoft is privately testing the Copilot AI bot on the Loop service, which can be useful in performing various tasks.

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