Microsoft announces new OneDrive features on October 3rd

Microsoft announces new OneDrive features on October 3rd

Microsoft hasn’t released much news about its OneDrive cloud storage lately, but that’s about to change. The software giant appears to be announcing new features early next month as part of an October 3 event.

    Image Credit: WalkingCat/X

Image Credit: WalkingCat/X

Famous insider WalkingCat published in his account on the social network X (formerly Twitter) a short video dedicated to the OneDrive service. The video shows a search bar that says “Help me organize” and then the message “Check out what OneDrive has in store for October 3rd.”

Microsoft is expected to hold a Power Platform conference in Las Vegas between October 3rd and 5th. Official representatives of the company have not yet commented on this issue. As far as possible announcements go, the most likely appearance is one of generative neural network-based features in OneDrive, similar to the recently launched Microsoft 365 Copilot and Windows Copilot. Obviously, AI-powered features are positioned as tools that help in cleaning and organizing files stored on OneDrive.

Last month Microsoft introduced a cap on the unlimited enterprise plan on OneDrive. According to this change, each user can store no more than 1 TB of information. The company justified the innovation with a desire to simplify the process of purchasing a subscription for customers using offline OneDrive for Business plans.

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