Microsoft announces changes to the Windows 11 Insider Program

Microsoft announces changes to the Windows 11 Insider Program

This week Microsoft announced some changes to the Windows Insider Program that will affect users of Windows 11 test builds in the Dev and Beta channels. In the future, both channels will be part of “active development branch”but is used to test various functions.

Image source: Windows Central

Image source: Windows Central

The post states that Microsoft will look to the Dev Channel as a proving ground for experimental features going forward. Among other things, it is intended to be used to test features, some of which will not appear in stable builds of the operating system.

Participants in the Insider program are divided as follows:

  • The Dev Channel is for long-term development of features that may never be released to the general public. Microsoft will use the channel to test different concepts and collect feedback.
  • The Beta Channel is for testing features and functionality that are close to those that Microsoft intends to include in stable builds of the operating system.
  • The Release Preview channel is the best place to get acquainted with the innovations that will soon be available for regular users.

The post points out that Insiders may have different variations of the same features in Early Access. Additionally, some Insiders may have disabled some testing features entirely. At the same time, the beta channel will focus on broader testing of features that Microsoft plans to make available to consumers. This means that experimental features will not be available to Insiders in the Beta Channel.

Microsoft also said that going forward, Insiders will be getting some new features and capabilities in separate packages rather than alongside full operating system builds. However, major platform changes are also made in new builds. These changes are expected to help Microsoft streamline the process of collecting and responding to feedback.


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