Microsoft Ads in Windows 11 File Explorer were not intended

Microsoft: Ads in Windows 11 File Explorer were not intended for the general public and have already been removed

Earlier this week, some members of the Microsoft Insider Program noticed that the latest test build of Windows 11 directly in explorer Ad banners appeared. Microsoft has now announced that the said banner is not intended for the general public and that its display has already been deactivated.

Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

“This was an experimental banner not intended to be shown publicly and has now been disabled.”— Microsoft’s senior program manager Brandon LeBlanc commented on this issue.

Although Microsoft says at the time that the ad banners weren’t intended to be shown to the general public, it’s clear that the company is considering this option to promote its own products. This means that in the future, as in the current case, Windows 11 may contain advertisements for other enterprise applications such as Microsoft Notepad.

Note that this isn’t the first time Microsoft is considering using its operating system to promote other products. For example, in 2017, an advertising banner for OneDrive cloud storage appeared in Windows 10 Explorer. Also, ads appeared on the Windows 10 lock screen, in the Start menu, and as pop-up messages in the taskbar. Although users can close the ad unit, the mere fact of the appearance of annoying banners is always perceived negatively.


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