Microsoft admits Sony PlayStation 4 has more than doubled

Microsoft admits Sony PlayStation 4 has more than doubled Xbox One sales

For a long time Microsoft has not disclosed data on sales of game consoles of the past generation, which are part of the Xbox One family. Now it has become known that the competing console PlayStation 4 has overtaken the Xbox One, and more than sovereign.

    Xbox Series X/S.  Image source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X/S. Image source: Microsoft

Microsoft stopped releasing sales numbers for Xbox One consoles earlier in fiscal 2016, instead focusing on Xbox Live numbers. This means that from that moment on, one could only imagine how successful Microsoft devices are in the market. Many analysts have tended to believe that Microsoft consoles are third in terms of sales, inferior to Sony and Nintendo consoles.

Now, information about this issue has been found in documents Microsoft filed with the Brazilian Antitrust Agency. “Sony has surpassed Microsoft in console sales and installs, selling more than twice as many consoles as previous generation Xbox units.”according to the Microsoft document.

As of March of this year, Sony has sold 117.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles. Although Microsoft does not disclose exact figures for Xbox One sales, it is clear that the company has released fewer than 58.5 million units of the Xbox One family has brought. This is consistent with data from Ampere Analysis, which estimates that Microsoft sold approximately 51 million Xbox One consoles through the end of Q2 2020. According to the source, Nintendo has sold about 111.08 million Switch consoles so far and it looks like the company could overtake the PlayStation 4 this year.


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