Microsoft adds ads to Start Menu in Windows 11 Beta

Microsoft adds ads to Start Menu in Windows 11 Beta

Microsoft has long considered integrating ads for its other products and services into Windows. Earlier this year, ads briefly appeared in File Explorer, but now they’re in the Windows 11 Start menu. Luckily, at this point, ads only appear in beta versions of the operating system, which are available to insiders like Windows Insiders.

    Image source: Bleeping Computer

Image source: Bleeping Computer

Some participants in the Microsoft Insider Program noticed that Windows 11 began to offer to create a backup using the OneDrive service in the pop-up menu that appears when exiting the operating system or when switching users. In some cases, the same menu will prompt you to use a Microsoft account or complete profile setup.

While this isn’t the first time Microsoft has attempted to promote its products in the operating system, users have consistently reacted negatively to this approach. In this case, choosing the start menu to display advertisements is strange, since it is already used to display recommendations.

The feature of showing ads in the start menu appears to be either in testing or the software giant plans to show such content to a limited audience. Microsoft officials have not yet commented on this issue.

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