Microns HBM3E memory has impressed customers NVIDIA is preparing for

Micron’s HBM3E memory has impressed customers, NVIDIA is preparing for certification

South Korean company SK hynix will have to defend the title of manufacturer of the world’s fastest memory type HBM3E, as Micron Technology announced this summer the development of similar chips with information transfer speeds of more than 1.2 TB/s. As representatives of the American manufacturer explain, HBM3E samples of this brand are currently being tested by customers, and the company will generate income from the supply of serial chips next year.

    Image source: Micron Technology

Image source: Micron Technology

According to reports, Micron’s HBM3E memory has an eight-tier layout and a capacity of 24 GB per stack, while it is manufactured using 1β technology and has excellent energy efficiency indicators. Definitely at the level of performance that Micron says this memory offers Company representativeIt is so much more economical than competitors’ offerings that some of the customers who have received samples simply cannot believe the test results they receive. Micron will begin commercial shipments of these chips next year and is currently pursuing certification of these products to meet NVIDIA requirements.

If we consider that Samsung-branded HBM memories (in general) should gain access to NVIDIA’s production infrastructure this year, next year all three major manufacturers, including Micron and SK Hynix, will become its suppliers. The latter is, in this sense, a “old-timer” in this segment, but the high demand for NVIDIA accelerators will clearly provide a market for the products of SK hynix’s competitors. After barely breaking into the HBM3E memory market, Micron expects to make hundreds of millions of dollars from its sales next year. The dynamic development of this market segment will enable Micron to compensate for weak demand in other areas. Next year, the company will invest heavily in setting up production lines for the production and packaging of HBM3E chips. Production volumes will increase at the beginning of the next calendar year, and by the end of August, revenue from sales of HBM3E will already reach significant values ​​- apparently the same hundreds of millions of dollars.

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