Mexico prepares to ramp up production of microchips and batteries for electric vehicles

Semiconductor production is increasing not only in Taiwan, China and the United States, but also in other countries – including Mexico. According to the local Minister of Economy Tatiana Clouthier, the release will be organized in the southern states of the country, where the water needed by the factories is more available.



At the High-Level Economic Dialogue (HLED) meeting last week in Washington for the first time in several years, with the participation of representatives from the United States and Mexico, states agreed to make supply chains, especially semiconductors, more competitive.

The agreement stemmed from an ongoing chip shortage forcing North American automakers to shut down production facilities. The authorities warn that the problem is only getting worse so far.

According to Cloutier, the new factories will be built in the south, since the north of Mexico on the border with the United States is a fairly dry area. Now developing the poorer southern states and investing in their infrastructure has become a key task for the authorities, with the states of Jalisco and Southern California already producing chips.

It is expected that Mexico will be able to participate in the creation of semiconductor wafers, packaging and assembly of chips. During the HLED meeting, the countries agreed to create joint working groups to organize supply chains for semiconductors, as well as medical technology and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, negotiations on the production of batteries for the production of electric vehicles are at the initial stage. The country has many of the key ingredients and minerals needed to manufacture batteries and / or their components, Cloutier said.


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