Metroid Dread added two new difficulty levels for beginners

Metroid Dread added two new difficulty levels – for beginners and hardcore players

Publisher Nintendo and development studio MercurySteam as part of February Nintendo Direct aired announced the release of a free content update for their action platformer Metroid Dread.

Image source: Nintendo

Image source: Nintendo

The patch is already available for download and offers two new difficulty levels for testing:

  • In Beginner mode, bosses deal less damage and the items they receive contain more energy and rockets.
  • In Nightmare mode, the heroine dies with one hit. In other words, every missed attack means the end of the game.

Beginner difficulty is unlocked immediately after installing the update, while Nightmare requires you to complete Metroid Dread on Hard difficulty first.

It has also been revealed that an update is due out this April that will add a boss marathon mode to Metroid Dread, where players can fight the game’s main bosses non-stop.

Metroid Dread debuted exclusively on Nintendo Switch on October 8th, 2021 and has sold over 2.7 million copies worldwide as of December 31st. To coincide with the release of the content patch, the developers have also updated the free demo.


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