Meta will allow you to check if your intimate photos

Meta will allow you to check if your intimate photos are being shared without your consent on Facebook and Instagram

Together with more than 50 partners from non-governmental organizations around the world, Meta supported the launch of the resource, which aims to help prevent the sharing of intimate images on the Internet without the consent of the people captured on them.

Image source: Meta

Image source: Meta

The new platform will allow people from all over the world to actively discourage the dissemination of their intimate images on the platforms involved in the project. To check if your intimate photos are spread over the Internet, you need to upload samples of your intimate photos in hashed form to StopNCII. The platform is built taking into account a number of confidentiality and security requirements, therefore it hashes the scanned images immediately on the user’s device and downloads only hashed data. The images themselves do not leave the device, the developers say.

If it is found that your photos are shared on participating platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, you will have full control over them and can delete them. The StopNCII platform also uses image hashing technology, which assigns a unique secure identifier to the uploaded photo. The technology companies participating in the program see this identifier and can use it to determine if someone is trying to share these images on their platforms. That is, the user will be notified if his photo will be distributed in the future.

Resource accessible by users from all over the world. It will be run by the UK Revenge Porn Helpline, a support service for victims of intimate images that has been in operation since 2015. The resource is intended for people over 18 years old.

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