Meta says it never threatened to shut down Facebook and

Meta says it never threatened to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe

After media reports that Meta (formerly Facebook) was threatening to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe due to changes in European law, the company has refuted the allegations.

Image source: Meta

Image source: Meta

Meta has published a statement on its blog in which it vehemently denies ever having threatened to block access to its main web resources, such as Facebook and Instagram, in the European Union. The company only noticed that “pointed out the business risks associated with the uncertainty surrounding the cross-border transfer of personal data.” These concerns are shared by around 70 other EU and US companies.

The company emphasized that companies across industries need clear global rules to protect transatlantic data traffic in the long term.

Meta was forced to issue a statement on maintaining its presence in European countries after information from its latest annual financial results report, filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), was leaked. The document says that the company “likely not to be able to offer some of the most important products and services, including Facebook and Instagram, in Europe”, unless the United States and the European Union ratify a new agreement regarding the transfer of personal data. The company also stated that it could not rely on other existing mechanisms.

The company, while still known as Facebook, previously issued similar warnings. However, she did not name a special service at the time. This time the document was clearly about the possible closure of Facebook and Instagram on the European continent.


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