Meta rebrands Facebook News Feed more than 15 years after

Meta rebrands Facebook News Feed more than 15 years after its launch

Meta changes the name of one of the central elements of the social network Facebook. Going forward, the “news feed” that users browse to see posts from friends and communities they follow will simply be called “feed.” The name “News Feed” has been in use since the feature was first introduced over 15 years ago.

Image source: facebook

Image source: Facebook

In a way, this is a big change as Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world and News Feed is its main interface. On the other hand, this isjust a name change that should better reflect the variety of content people see in their feedssaid Facebook. This change will in no way affect the operation of the social network.

However, the rebranding likely reflects Facebook’s troubled relationship with news distribution. Research has shown that disinformation on the platform gets much more attention on the platform than fact-based notes. The regulators are investigating how the social network ranks the content provided. Meta says in turn. working to restrict political content on Facebook, her own research has shown that feed algorithms can nudge politicians to even more radical positions.

In a memo to employees, Meta said the name “News Feed” often makes people think it’s a place for news, not posts from friends. The rebranding is likely to change the way users perceive what content the social network offers them.


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