Meta has patented several smartwatches different shapes up to

Meta has patented several smartwatches – different shapes, up to three cameras and additional screens

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has published a new patent for the Smartwatch Meta. The patent spotted by LetsGoDigital shows two smartwatch designs with detachable displays and allegedly three built-in cameras.

Image source: LetsGoDigital

Image source: LetsGoDigital

One of the watch options proposed in the patent has a rectangular display, the second – a round one. The cameras of both devices should combine several sensors. It is assumed that both smartwatch models will have a macro lens, a telephoto camera and a sensor with wide-angle optics.

The patent states that the Meta smartwatch can be equipped with a second display that will have the same shape as the main display. The second screen will be combined with multiple cameras with different lenses and will be interchangeable with the main display. The screens can be held onto the smartwatch body with magnetic mounts.

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According to the patent, the round clock display will be able to rotate. By rotating the screen, the user can choose which camera to use. The desired lens must be set to 12 o’clock. This activates it and deactivates other sensors.

There is a high probability that the upcoming meta smartwatch will be able to work with virtual and augmented reality systems. The company itself has hinted that the smartwatch could serve as an input device for an upcoming augmented reality headset. This possibility is also mentioned in the patent documentation.

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The first meta smartwatch will also be able to function as a fitness tracker. They will be equipped with heart rate and body temperature sensors. According to previous leaks, the first Meta smartwatch could appear as early as this summer. It is reported that the body of the device will be made of stainless steel. According to rumors, the novelty will be available in black, white and gold colors.


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