Meta has denied rumors about the discontinuation of development of

Meta has denied rumors about the discontinuation of development of its own operating system for AR and VR devices

The evening before, the first data appeared on the possible completion of the meta-project, combined with the development of a special operating system for augmented and virtual reality headsets. As The Information reports, the company is stopping work on the XROS project. That leaves Meta with the Android operating system variants that are now being used with its VR headsets. Nevertheless, the company refutes the information itself.

Source: beejees /

Source: beejees /

Through according to the information, the company completed the project for a new operating system back in November, and Android-based solutions are making the technology giant dependent on another major player – Google. According to the publication, the development of XROS began in 2017, more than 300 people worked on the project.

This appears to be the same “reality management system” previously discussed by Meta-boss Mark Zuckerberg and CTO Andrew Bosworth. It has been reported that a “microkernel” operating system provides control over all levels of hardware. It is not yet known which operating system the prototypes of the new AR glasses, known as Project Aria and Nazare, will run on at some point.

It is believed that Zuckerberg intends to develop AR and VR technologies as alternatives to smartphones to compete with the dominant Google and Apple. The company is reportedly still keen to develop its own operating system.

Meta responded to Verge’s request to shut down XROS with a refusal. According to company spokeswoman Sheeva Slovan, she does not intend to Stop or collapse Operations in that direction. “The team continues to make progress and we continue to invest in building future computing platforms such as AR glasses and wearables to fulfill our vision of the metaverse.”– said a spokesman for Meta.

In addition, Meta Vice President Gabriel Aul tweeted that there are “multiple technical areas” where the company is making efforts to build operating systems, and Meta is still working on highly specialized operating systems for its own devices. Large investments will continue in this work and the necessary resources will be made available. Aul said: “We’re expanding this team, not shrinking it. Join “

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