Meta believes mixed reality will be widely available within a

Meta believes mixed reality will be widely available within a few years

This week, Meta (formerly Facebook) held an online meeting with ad agency representatives to help advertisers better understand the idea of ​​metaverse. The company anticipates that in a few years, technologies that combine the physical and virtual worlds will be available to a wide range of consumers. About that writes Reuters news agency, citing its own informed source.

Image Source: Tyrone Siu / Reuters

Image Source: Tyrone Siu / Reuters

Mixed reality technology allows a person to use real world objects to interact with virtual objects. This technology is one of the components of the concept of the metaverse, which involves the creation of many virtual worlds in which users interact with each other through digital avatars. Last year, Meta announced its intention to invest billions of dollars in developing hardware and software solutions that will help create the Metaverse.

Now Meta’s main project in this direction is the VR platform Horizon Worlds, which became available to users from the USA and Canada at the end of last year and gained more than 300 thousand users in less than three months. An Oculus VR headset is required to interact with the platform. Meta is expected to release a mobile version of Horizon Worlds later this year. It is also known that Meta intends to develop a new augmented reality headset that will be developed as part of the Project Cambria project. This device was first mentioned at last fall’s Facebook Connect event.


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