Memory Vendors Should Stop DDR3 Production Reduce DDR4 Production and

Memory Vendors Should Stop DDR3 Production, Reduce DDR4 Production, and Focus on DDR5 – Analysts

With the development of various market segments, the demand for legacy DDR3 RAM has decreased significantly, forcing DRAM manufacturers like Samsung to drastically reduce their production. This was reported by the DigiTimes resource.

    Image source: Samsung

Image source: Samsung

Due to the declining use of DDR3 memory by manufacturers and the growing demand for the new generation of DDR5 memory, Samsung has significantly reduced the prices of both DDR3 and 4GB DDR4 modules. This comes amid a fall in demand from peak levels reached at the peak of the pandemic, as well as a market move towards cheaper storage. In the second quarter of 2022 alone, DRAM memory prices fell nearly 11% across all categories, according to The Wall Street Journal. Even for this unstable industry, this is a significant drop in prices.

In this case, according to PCWorld, it makes sense for Samsung and other memory vendors to stop producing obsolete low-margin DDR3 chips and even scale back production of DDR4 modules if demand slacks. Although DDR5 memory is more economical, it is not yet used everywhere, but it is becoming more and more popular. And it is desirable that major manufacturers take full advantage of the market slump until demand for DDR5 picks up steam.

For PC users, the current situation promises the lowest prices for DDR4 memory in the short term, as well as for DDR5 memory, although it belongs to the new generation.

Similar trends can be seen in other PC components as SSD and graphics card prices continue to fall after a period of high demand and supply chain issues.


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