Memory module sales for 2022 fell 46

Memory module sales for 2022 fell 4.6%

According to TrendForce, high inflation has led to a decline in demand for consumer electronics. This brings global DRAM sales to $17.3 billion in 2022, down 4.6% year-on-year. The financial performance of different DRAM memory module manufacturers varies significantly because they operate in different fields and pursue different business strategies.

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TrendForce analysts estimate that the top five DRAM module suppliers accounted for 90% of total memory module sales in 2022. At the same time, the ten largest providers generated 96% of global market sales. Kingston remains dominant in the market with a share of 78%. Despite weak end-customer demand, Kingston’s strong brand position and extensive product supply chain limited the sales decline to 5.3%.

It is noted that differences in sales indicators between manufacturers are due to the fact that different brands use different business strategies. Ramaxel, which takes second place in the ranking, recorded an impressive growth of almost 90% in 2022. However, this growth is largely due to the sharp decline in 2021. Last year, Ramaxel made significant progress in the server DRAM segment and also saw strong growth in shipments to PC OEMs. All of this contributed to sales growth in 2022.

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ADATA, which specializes primarily in consumer goods, rounds out the top three. The company expanded into new areas last year, but the manufacturer’s share of the global market is small, making it difficult for it to withstand the general decline in demand. As a result, ADATA’s revenue fell 10% in 2022. POWEV increased its revenue by 12.7% thanks to the success of its brand in the eSports market and the use of various product distribution models. This placed the manufacturer in fourth place in the ranking of the largest DRAM manufacturers. Despite aggressive product development and global expansion, Kimtigo was unable to overcome the negative impact of declining consumer electronics demand. Although this led to a decline in sales in 2022, the manufacturer still rose to fifth place in the ranking.

Smart Modular, a company specializing in the industrial market, faced problems caused by inflation, which affected company budgets for purchasing equipment. This led to a 16.1% decline in sales. Patriot Memory was able to increase sales by 15.1% in the reporting period, moving up to seventh place in the ranking. Innodisk moved from ninth to eighth place in the ranking of DRAM manufacturers despite a 17.8% decline in sales. Team Group saw a 21.4% drop in revenue, while Apacer, which rounded out the top ten, saw a 16.6% drop in revenue.

It is worth noting that the TrendForce rating does not include companies that, in addition to memory modules, also produce the chips themselves, i.e. Samsung, Micron and SK Hynix. The rating is also calculated on the basis of public reports and is therefore not conclusive.

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