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Members of “BBB 22” live a surge in popularity on Instagram

Less than 24 hours after being announced on “BBB 22”, the new entrants to the reality show are already experiencing a significant rise in popularity.

Among the Pipocas, who were little known before joining the program, the highlight is Vinicius, Vyni, from Ceará. He had 42 thousand followers until Thursday (1/13) and, this Saturday, the day after the revelation that he will participate in “BBB 21”, he reached 1.6 thousand on his Instagram profile.

In 2nd place among the Popcorn that grew the most was the former Miss Slovenia. Before the announcement, it totaled 59,000 and now it has reached 792,000.

Then appear Laís, the first name revealed of the program, who had 166 thousand followers reached 455 thousand, Bárbara, who had 218 thousand followers and saw the number rise to 426 thousand, and Jessilane, who had the highest proportional growth: it was 9 thousand followers to 337 thousand.

To complete the edition’s Popcorn, Luciano had 14 thousand on the platform and jumped to 228 thousand, Eliezer increased his 8 thousand to 187 thousand, Rodrigo Mussi had 20 thousand followers and went to 221 thousand, Lucas increased his 6 thousand followers to 172 thousand and Natalia saw her 21,000 followers also turn 172,000.

In Camarote, a selection made up of celebrities, influencer Jade Picon was the one that registered the highest number of new followers. Since the announcement, the youtuber has added 1.4 million followers and now has 14.4 million on Instagram.

Singer Naiara Azevedo was the second highlight, gaining over 600 thousand fans to reach 5.5 million, followed by dancer Brunna Gonçalves, with 500 thousand new followers in a total of 3.8 million.

Olympic athlete Paulo André jumped from 95 thousand followers to 269 thousand. Singer and actress Linn da Quebrada had 320 thousand followers on Instagram and went to 558 thousand. Actress Maria already had 1.1 million and gained over 200,000 followers. Author Douglas Silva increased almost the same number: from 358 thousand followers it jumped to 571 thousand.

Best known, presenter Tiago Abravanel was announced with 2.35 million followers, but he only gained 150,000 new followers for his profile.

Among the famous, surfer Pedro Scooby was the one who had the lowest growth. Raised just over 100,000 followers to reach 2 million. But the most curious thing is that her ex, actress Luana Piovani, commented that she saw her number of followers grow after the announcement of the participants of “BBB 22”.


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