Meizu presented the ultra light MYVU AR glasses a smart ring

Meizu presented the ultra-light MYVU AR glasses, a smart ring MYVU Ring and at the same time announced the development of an electric car

At the big Autumn Unbound event in China, Meizu introduced the MYVU augmented reality glasses. The new product is offered in two versions. The basic version was priced at 2499 yuan (US$350), and the advanced version MYVU Discovery was priced at 9999 yuan (US$1388). The company also introduced a smart ring to control smart glasses and also announced an electric car.

    Image source: Meizu

Image source: Meizu

The weight of the standard version of MYVU AR glasses is only 43g. The manufacturer claims that these are the lightest AR glasses in the world. The new product will be available in several colors. You can use both regular clear lenses and sunglasses with glasses.

The device uses a tiny projector based on 0.4 mm MicroLED LEDs – the image is projected onto the lens in front of the user’s eyes. The projection module included in the glasses offers an image brightness of up to 1100 cd/m2. The gadget is equipped with compact speakers and supports voice control. The new product uses Flyme AR as the operating system.

The MYVU Discovery version of the smart glasses weighs 71 grams. The body is made of aviation magnesium-aluminum alloy. The device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 processor. The new product claims a battery life of up to 8 hours. The design team behind the Meizu 20 Infinity smartphone, released earlier this year, was responsible for developing MYVU Discovery. The glasses run on the Flyme AR operating system with support for the voice AI assistant Aicy, which is based on a large language model.

To control the MYVU AR glasses, Meizu also offers the use of a special smart ring, MYVU Ring. With its help, you can control watching videos, playing music, and reply to messages just by moving your fingers. The ring recognizes gesture controls.

The design of the MYVU ring is made of stainless steel and ceramic. The new product is declared waterproof according to the IPX7 protection standard. The ring will be available in four sizes – from 17 to 22 mm in diameter.

At the presentation of new products, Meizu also announced the development of the DreamCar MX electric car. The project partner is the parent company Geely. There are practically no details about the car yet.

It is known that the car will utilize the capabilities of the Flyme Auto platform. They promised to tell us more about DreamCar MX in the first quarter of 2024.

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