MediaTek will develop chips for the next generation Ma smart AR

MediaTek will develop chips for the next-generation M**a smart AR glasses

At the MediaTek Summit 2023, MediaTek CEO Vince Hu officially announced the start of cooperation with Meta Corporation. The aim of this initiative is to develop a new generation of data glasses that could significantly improve the user experience with mixed reality.

    Image source: MediaTek

Image source: MediaTek

Metaplans — Development of the next generation of smart glasses that will be equipped with a viewfinder display. This allows users of such glasses not only to scan QR codes and read messages, but also to interact with elements of the virtual and physical world at the same time.

According to recent leaks, smart glasses with viewfinder displays are expected to come onto the market in 2025, while a more advanced version of AR glasses is planned for 2027, which could enable an even deeper immersion in augmented reality.

Current model of Ray-Ban Meta data glasses, equipped with a Snapdragon AR1 Gen 1 system-on-chip (SoC), camera and microphone, enables messaging, which is already a significant breakthrough in mobile AR technologies. However, these glasses are not capable of providing a full augmented reality experience.

Developing AR glasses for everyday use requires significant innovation in design and technology. Current mixed reality devices are often bulky. Meta is committed to developing thinner, slimmer and more comfortable AR glasses. Ultimately, these glasses should look and feel like regular glasses or sunglasses.

Under this partnership, MediaTek will focus on developing customized chips for Meta AR glasses. The company has expertise in developing energy-efficient and high-performance systems on a chip (SoC) that fit into small sizes such as AR glasses frames.

Aspiration meta to innovation, supported by the collaboration with MediaTek, opens new horizons in the development of AR technologies and heralds the emergence of products that can radically change our everyday experience of interacting with the world around us.

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