MediaTek releases first SDK to support ray tracing on mobile devices

Visualization on mobile graphics is getting ready to take a step forward. MediaTek backed by Arm and Tencent presented The first SDK toolkit to support ray tracing on mobile devices. Soon, the graphic beauties, available today mainly on powerful PCs, will delight those who like to play on smartphones and tablets.

Image source: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

For the first time, MediaTek announced software support for Ray Tracing in January this year for the Dimensity 1200 chip on the Arm Mali-G77 MC9 graphics core. Since then, millions of Dimensity chips have been sold, along with other solutions based on Arm graphics cores. In the future, support for Ray Tracing promises to be hardware-based, but today developers can become closely acquainted with the technology thanks to the first compatible MediaTek SDK.

The RT MediaTek SDK toolkit relies on the Vulkan API. The capabilities of real-time ray tracing technology on mobile SoCs were demonstrated earlier this summer at GDC 2021. MediaTek’s tools have been built into Tencent Games’ graphics pipelines. Actually, the first RT SDK presented today also uses Tencent’s rendering pipelines and the Vulkan extension.

The combination of software and hardware solutions from MediaTek, Arm and Tencent is able to unleash the full potential of image processing on mobile GPUs, including, for example, post-processing solutions such as noise reduction and others. Finally, mobile support for RT technologies will facilitate porting games and facilitate cross-platform support. Releases on your favorite platform will be released without delay and faster.

“New hardware imaging combined with ray tracing provides a leap in image quality with less power, taking mobile gaming to a whole new level of graphics quality.” – adds MediaTek in a press release.

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