MediaTek partners began testing the Dimensity 2000 processor, which should be more powerful than the flagship Qualcomm

While there has been a lot of focus lately on the flagship mobile platform Snapdragon 898, Qualcomm’s competitors have interesting solutions too. According to insiders, MediaTek will soon begin sending flagship Dimensity 2000 chipsets to partner manufacturers for testing and developing new smartphones.



According to well-known insiders @DCS and @Fertile, who published information on the Chinese social network Weibo, the Dimensity 2000 SoC is manufactured in accordance with TSMC’s 4nm process technology, and provides stable (low) power consumption and high performance.

So, the model uses the advanced ARM V9 architecture. The first small batches of Dimensity 2000 will be sent to manufacturers before the end of this year. Moreover, select companies are already working with the latest chips. If everything goes as planned by MediaTek, the release of the first smartphone on the new Dimensity will almost coincide in time with the premiere of the smartphone on the new flagship Snapdragon 898. Previously, Qualcomm has always been ahead of its rival.

Dimensity 2000 will use the same CPU as Snapdragon 898, it is possible that even a more powerful option. The GPU is promised to be more productive than the one used in the Snapdragon 888, and its power consumption will be even lower. In other words, Dimensity 2000 promises to be more economical and more productive than the current Snapdragon flagship.

The new flagship MediaTek is expected to use the ultra-large Cortex X2 core – at least 17% faster than the Cortex X1. At the same time, its energy consumption is lower by 10%. Moreover, the performance of other cores is also higher.

It is worth noting that the Snapdragon 898 also uses TSMC’s 4nm process technology. Obviously, thanks to new technologies, developers will be able to reduce the very high level of heat dissipation characteristic of the previous family – Snapdragon 888.

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