Media Xiaomi Redmi 6A smartphone explosion killed a sleeping person

Media: Xiaomi Redmi 6A smartphone explosion killed a sleeping person

A resident of India, hiding under the nickname MD Talk YT (@Mdtalk16), reported the death of his relative as a result of the explosion of the Redmi 6A smartphone, an ultra budget model launched a few years ago.

    Image source: MD Talk YT

Image source: MD Talk YT

According to him, a relative died after leaving her smartphone on her pillow before bed. The blogger claims that the cause of the tragic incident was the explosion of the battery – he has already published not only a snapshot of the remains of the device, but also a “blurred” photo of a relative on the Internet. The incident happened in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

The user stressed that the deceased’s family was going through a difficult time and did not fail to mention that the brand is responsible for supporting loved ones. Xiaomi replied tweet mourners and said the company was working to contact the affected family and investigate the situation.

“At Xiaomi India, user safety is our top priority and we take this matter very seriously. Our company is attempting to contact the family involved and determine the cause of the incident.”, — said in Xiaomi. According to acquaintances of the deceased, the smartphone was mainly used for making calls and watching YouTube.

    Meshable India

Meshable India

It’s worth noting that Chinese brands have been plagued by a string of failures in the Indian market lately – after pressure from local law enforcement agencies and regulators accusing Chinese brands of various crimes, India will clearly ban the sale of smartphones under $150 Intent to squeeze Chinese manufacturers out of the ultra-budget segment, where Chinese companies traditionally have a large share. It is possible that the death of a resident of the country will lead to a new set of controls or restrictive measures – Redmi 6A is not only an old model, but also extremely cheap at first.

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