Maxell is the first company in the world to start

Maxell is the first company in the world to start producing solid-state batteries for industrial robots

Japanese companies TDK and Murata Manufacturing already make solid-state batteries for use in portable devices, but no one has yet released larger batteries of this type. This omission is scheduled to be rectified by Maxell this summer will adapt Mass production of solid electrolyte batteries for use by industrial robots on a test line in Japan.

    Image source: Fanuc

Image source: Fanuc

The elimination of the liquid electrolyte typical of lithium-ion batteries reduces the risk of batteries spontaneously igniting and increases the charge storage density by up to three times. However, there is a significant disadvantage: batteries with solid electrolyte are more than four times more expensive than classic lithium-ion batteries. Maxell will use solid state sulfide batteries to power industrial robots. For their production, a separate line will be built at a plant near Kyoto, the project will require an investment of $ 15 million. By the end of the decade, Maxell hopes to earn up to $ 228 million annually from the sale of such batteries to obtain.

Japanese companies hold four out of five patents in solid-state battery technology, with Panasonic, Toyota and Nissan developing related technologies. This field of activity is particularly important for car manufacturers, as it will enable future electric vehicles to increase their range and reduce their weight and charging time without compromising fire safety. According to some reports, the market capacity of solid electrolyte batteries will reach US$12 billion by 2035.

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