Matrox introduces Arc A310 and Arc A380 LUMA video wall

Matrox introduces Arc A310 and Arc A380 LUMA video wall cards, including the first passively cooled Intel Arc

Matrox introduced the Arc A310 LUMA and Arc A380 LUMA graphics cards. The junior model Arc A310 is offered in two versions – in the form of a low-profile solution with a passive cooling system and in a version with an active cooler. All new items are one expansion slot thick.

    Image source: Matrox

Image source: Matrox

These are not gaming graphics cards. The manufacturer positions them as solutions for medical PCs, digital signage, video walls, control rooms and other production needs where a fairly large number of monitors or digital displays need to be connected to the video output source.

The Matrox Arc A310 LUMA and Arc A310F LUMA models received 4GB of GDDR6 memory. The Arc A380 LUMA graphics card offers 6 GB of the same standard. The manufacturer claims that the Arc A310 LUMA is the only version of the Arc A310 with a passive cooling system on the market. The low-profile Arc A310F LUMA and full-size Arc A380 LUMA are again equipped with tangential fan cooling systems.

The power consumption of the Matrox Arc A310 LUMA model with a passive cooling system is 30 W. The A310F model with an active cooling system consumes 50 watts. And for the Arc A380 LUMA, a power consumption of 75 watts is specified. At the same time, according to the manufacturer, the operating temperature of all new products does not exceed 45 degrees Celsius.

Matrox Arc A310 models come with four protected mini DisplayPort 2.1 video outputs. The Arc A380 LUMA model is also equipped with four mini DisplayPort 2.1, but the usual ones. All support 8K60 HDR image output. All new items received PCIe 4.0 x16 interfaces but only use eight PCIe lanes.

All new items come with a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee. At the same time, Matrox points out that the graphics cards in the LUMA series will be supported for seven years.

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