Matchmaking disabled in Counter Strike 2 Beta nobody knows why

Matchmaking disabled in Counter-Strike 2 Beta, nobody knows why

The closed test of the network shooter Counter-Strike 2 – a free upgrade from CS:GO to a version on the Source 2 engine – began in March and all the time continued as usual, but on the night of March 2nd to 31st May 3 something went wrong.

    Image Source: Valve

Image Source: Valve

user steam And Reddit forum with access to Counter-Strike 2 started reporting a problem with matchmaking: “Matchmaking cannot be started because your client is running a beta version of Counter-Strike.”.

As a solution to the problem, the game offers to refuse participation in the “beta” and restart the shooter. Some players were worried that Valve had denied them access to the Counter-Strike 2 restricted test.

According to portal point esportsIn the past few weeks, participants in the Counter-Strike 2 “beta” have been suffering from longer waiting times. Some players had to queue at the server for 40 minutes.

    Image Source: Twitter (Aquarius)

Image Source: Twitter (Aquarius)

Dataminer Aquarius in his microblog written downthat matchmaking issues in Counter-Strike 2 arose for a specific reason. Matchmaking has been completely disabled (whether on purpose or not) in the shooter’s beta.

In the comments to the post, they hope for a major update for Counter-Strike 2 soon: Curiosities started just before the Paris Major Esports tournament, which will be held from May 8th to May 21st and will be the last Major in CS :GO.

A full-fledged launch of Counter-Strike 2 is expected this summer. After the upgrade, the game features updated maps, a sub-teak structure, dynamic smoke, backward compatibility with CS:GO elements, and other improvements.

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