Massive protests erupt in Chinas largest iPhone factory

Massive protests erupt in China’s largest iPhone factory

Protests and riots erupted at Foxconn’s largest iPhone assembly plant. Clashes broke out between hundreds of workers at a plant in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou and security officials as workers ran out of patience after nearly a month of strict anti-COVID restrictions.

    Image source: Bloomberg

Image source: Bloomberg

The riots began due to non-payment of wages and fears of the infection spreading. It is noted that several workers were injured in clashes with security guards and later the police arrived at the plant to restore order.

Foxconn said the riots erupted after complaints were lodged by some of the newly arrived workers at the plant “work grants” — Special bonuses paid in addition to the approved salary. The company stressed that all such compensation would be paid in strict accordance with the employer’s contractual obligations.

“On violence, we continue to work with workers and the government to avoid a repeat of this situation.”, said a Foxconn spokesman. Representatives of local authorities have not yet commented on this issue.

Recall that restrictions were introduced at the iPhone factory in Zhengzhou late last month. As a result, Foxconn’s largest manufacturing facility is underutilized, and employee movement is tightly restricted and regulated. This caused dissatisfaction among some workers, some of whom left the company’s territory at will. It was previously reported that iPhone shipments from this plant could fall by 30% in November due to hygiene regulations.


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