Massive Archthrones Prequel Mod for Dark Souls 3 looks as

Massive Archthrones Prequel Mod for Dark Souls 3 looks as good as the official DLC in the 15 minute demo

portal PCGamesN noted that the development team of the ambitious Dark Souls: Archthrones modification for the action role-playing game Dark Souls 3 released a 15-minute gameplay video demonstrating its creation.

    Image Credit: Dark Souls: Archthrones

Image Credit: Dark Souls: Archthrones

The creators call Archthrones a mod of unprecedented scale that completely transforms Dark Souls 3. It tells an alternate story that unfolds in five unique worlds.

As in Demon’s Souls (the modders also spied the font for the logo), the hero moves between locations from the Nexus, which in Archthrones is a revamped Temple of Fire from Dark Souls 3.

    Dark Souls: Archthrones logo

Dark Souls: Archthrones logo

The released video shows the beginning of the adventure: the locations of Rainswept Outpost (the revamped Farron Citadel from DS3), Ruins of Blue (Heide’s Flame Tower from Dark Souls 2), War-Torn Village (the undead settlement from DS3) and their bosses.

In Dark Souls: Archthrones, modders borrow various elements (enemy designs, moves, and animations) from other FromSoftware games, including Bloodborne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Elden Ring, but adapt them to their own world.

The writers of Archthrones promise a plot prequel to Dark Souls 3, a completely redesigned character development system, new locations, enemies, bosses, fully voiced NPCs and mechanics fighting stance from Dark Souls 2. The mod has been in production for almost three years.

There is no release date for the full version of Dark Souls: Archthrones yet, but the authors are actively working on it public screening. The mod will be absolutely free, but a copy of Dark Souls 3 with all addons is required to run.

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