Mass Effect creators celebrate N7 day with a new part

Mass Effect creators celebrate N7 day with a new part poster

Electronic Arts Publishing and BioWare’s N7 Day (Unofficial Mass Effect Celebration) presented a new illustration for the next, so far unnamed part of his role-playing series.

Image source: Electronic Arts

Image source: Electronic Arts

The unveiled image (attached below) shows a spaceship labeled SFX (codename for the original Mass Effect) landing near the crater and a four of heroes marching away from the ship.

Who exactly composes the quartet, it is not possible to discern from the height of the published frame, but among the figures a krogan is unambiguously guessed. Fans also spotted Human, Asari, and Turian in the squad.



Fans also noticed on the similarity of the crater with the head of a geth (synthetic race from the Mass Effect universe). Sharp-sighted journalists IGN we saw on the poster the body of a dead geth (in the distance in front of the heroes).

The release date and the list of target platforms for the new Mass Effect were not disclosed. Responsible for the project “Team of veterans”and development (as of November 2020) was in its early stages.

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