Mask show Twitter flooded with fake accounts from game companies

Mask show: Twitter flooded with fake accounts from game companies with announcements for GTA VI, Mario and a new project from Valve

portal kotaku noted that the Blue subscription on the Twitter social network, launched at the suggestion of Elon Musk, has already become the appearance of several fake accounts of prominent gaming companies.

    Image Credit: Steam (vanguard Lilith)

Image Credit: Steam (vanguard Lilith)

Recall that recently, to get a blue tick on Twitter, you don’t have to go through a verification process or provide any personal information to verify your identity — you only have to pay $8 a month.

Many Twitter users feared that this change would lead to the spread of misinformation and an increase in impersonation. So in the end it happened.

According to Kotaku, fake (but ticked) accounts have been popping up on Twitter in the past few days. Valve, Rockstar Games, American division of Nintendo and Pull out. The first three have already been blocked, the last one is still holding.

Fake accounts didn’t hesitate to make a series of announcements:

  • valve turned out “Glad to introduce” Ricochet’s competitor platform: Neon Prime (see recent Neon Prime trademark application);
  • After a recent leak, Rockstar promised to present a new installment of Grand Theft Auto on November 18;
  • Nintendo of America has confirmed the release of the Super Mario Galaxy sequel on Nintendo Switch and has released a provocative illustration featuring Mario;
  • Twitch has revised the distribution of earnings in the affiliate program based on feedback from its users.

    Image source: Twitter

Image source: Twitter

Before the ban, Valve’s fake Twitter account also made a statement about the dangers of the Twitter Blue subscription in its current form: “False information is easy to spread and can cause real harm to people – much worse than a fake game announcement.”.

You can verify a Twitter account with a tick (and not fall for the bait of pranksters or intruders) by clicking on its icon: the cube that appears will tell you if the verification was purchased or if it’s a real person / company trades.

    Image source: Kotaku

Image source: Kotaku

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