Many PSOne games for PS4 and PS5 turned out to

Many PSOne games for PS4 and PS5 turned out to be PAL versions and run at 25 fps

Sony Interactive Entertainment has launched an updated PlayStation Plus subscription plan in Asia, which also brings classic PlayStation games to PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. However, it turned out that many of them work at 50 Hz and a reduced frame rate.

    Ape Escape 2. Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Ape Escape 2. Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

PAL is a video format used in Europe and America with a refresh rate of 50Hz. There is another format called NTSC that outputs an image at 60Hz. Many PAL versions of early console games are considered inferior due to their slower performance.

Users first noticed this in the PSOne version of Ape Escape. Despite the Asian region, it turned out to be a PAL version of the game. This is indicated by the mention of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe at the start of the project. And the game runs at 25 fps instead of 30 fps.

All other Sony PSOne games including Everybody’s Golf, Wild Arms, Jumping Flash and Kurushi, as well as Worms, World Party and Armageddon are available in PAL. However, as it turned out, NTSC versions are still presented on the service. These include Tekken 2, Siphon Filter, Abe’s Oddysee, and Mr. Bohrer.

It is noteworthy that Sony Interactive Entertainment offered PAL 50 Hz versions of games on the PlayStation Classic retro console worldwide, which greatly disappointed fans. Perhaps the publisher uses this video format because European versions of projects include more localization options.

In June, the updated PlayStation Plus subscription will be available in other regions.

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