Major update released for Windows 11 integrated AI video recording

Major update released for Windows 11: integrated AI, video recording and more

The latest Windows 11 update, which will be rolled out soon, has several notable features: integrated chatbot Bing Chat, updated Phone Link app with iPhone support, controls for Windows Studio Effects, improved user interface for tablets and computers 2-in- 1, redesigned widgets, chat apps and quick help.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

To access the new update, Microsoft recommends opening the Windows 11 settings menu, going to Windows Update and clicking the Check for updates button, or simply waiting for it to come out as part of the March 2023 security release. Some updated apps are available through the Microsoft Store.

We’ve written extensively about Bing’s AI-integrated chatbot and the updated Phone Link app, which is now almost fully iPhone compatible. Now let’s look at the rest of what’s new in the February update.

First, with the update, built-in screen recording became available with the Snipping Tool Screen Recorder. Now third-party applications are no longer required. Just click the Snipping Tool icon once to start recording and click again to stop. Voila! The user action clip is ready.

Second, the beginnings of AI appeared in the Start menu and File Explorer. Where previously “recommended” files were actually only recently opened, a Windows 11 Pro user joined to an Azure domain will now find that Windows actually recommends files that might be useful for future work. “Explorer” will also get such an opportunity, which should significantly speed up the search for the desired files. However, it is unclear whether this is simply due to improved indexing or an attempt to predict user needs using AI.

Third, Windows takes care of reducing energy costs with new “power recommendations,” from turning off the screen instead of starting a screen saver, to controlling the brightness and color of the display, to quickly putting the device to sleep when not in use. With modern SSDs and Windows Hello, your computer boots back up almost instantly, so there’s no reason to leave it powered on.

Next, a new breed of Facebook-enabled widget was added to Windows.* and Spotify. It’s not entirely clear what the addition of the Facebook feed would entail*since Facebook* will hardly refrain from collecting its own data about users. Apparently widgets will support Facebook* Messenger but not the full Facebook feed*. Widgets with Xbox Game Pass and Phone Link content have also been added. Of course, all widgets can be quickly hidden.

The February update also promises “a more flexible and advanced solution” for PC voice control, first introduced in Windows 11 October 22, 2020 Update, with improved scrolling controls and support for a wide range of applications – from File Explorer to Word.

In addition, Microsoft promises improved Braille support bundled with three new “Designed for Surface” displays from HumanWare. These new displays make it easy to switch between Narrator and other screen readers, Microsoft says. “seamless”.

Among other things, the functionality of the “Remote Assistant” has been expanded, which allows you to provide a consultant or a more experienced user with remote computer control. Both parties can now either share their screen or relinquish full control. There is also a new “laser pointer” that can be used to highlight a control or button.

The tablet interface in Windows 11 has also changed, for example, after disconnecting the physical keyboard from the tablet, the Windows taskbar is automatically hidden and you have to swipe up on the screen to bring it up.

The long-awaited tabbed notepad is also included in the update: this version of the program debuted in early betas and is now deployed on Windows by default.

Windows Chat isn’t particularly popular with users, but Microsoft isn’t giving up – the chat interface, powered by Microsoft Teams code, has been redesigned to make it easier than ever to preview a video before joining a call .

Finally, the update adds easy access to Windows Studio effects, AI-powered video call enhancements like background blur, noise filtering, and some unique auto-pan camera features. You can activate them from the taskbar.

* It is included in the list of public associations and religious organizations for which the court made a final decision to liquidate or ban activities on the grounds provided for in Federal Law No. 114-FZ of July 25. 2002 “On Countering Extremist Activities”.

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