Major patch for Returnal found in PlayStation database

Author of the PlayStation Game Size microblogging, keeping track of games and patches added to the PlayStation Store database, discovered the system mentions an unannounced major patch for the roguelike shooter Returnal.

Image Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Image Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

As it became known, not so long ago, a 6 GB update for Returnal was uploaded to the PlayStation Store servers, which is currently undergoing closed beta testing by the developers.

What exactly the upcoming patch includes is unknown at this stage, but the relatively large (not by the standards of Call of Duty, of course) patch volume hints that it may bring with it something in addition to bug fixes.

For example, the save system: in Returnal there is no way to record progress during an already started race. Users are forced to either go through the entire cycle or put their PS5 in standby mode.

The Returnal developers from the Housemarque studio are aware of the problem almost from the very start and are actively looking for an opportunity to resolve it, but so far they have not found a way out of this situation.

According to Mikael Haveri, Marketing Director of Housemarque, Returnal contains “Some systems”preventing traditional saves from being added to the game.

Returnal debuted on April 30 this year exclusively on PlayStation 5. The latest patch to date is 1.4.1 – the game received in early July. More than three months have passed since then.

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