Mainstream fossil fuel rejection is already in this generation Elon

Mainstream fossil fuel rejection is already in this generation: Elon Musk proposed a $10 trillion global energy reform plan

Tesla hosted an investor event this week, and CEO Elon Musk took the opportunity to talk about a master plan to reform the global energy system. Ultimately, according to Elon Musk, during the lifetime of today’s generation of Earthlings, humanity must stop consuming fossil fuels and switch to using renewable energy sources.

    Image source: Tesla

Image source: Tesla

In addition to the four models of Tesla electric vehicles already offered, as well as the semi-truck and cybertruck pickup, Tesla expects to offer a more compact electric passenger car, which will turn out to be the most massive in terms of production of the models produced, as well as a specific one High-roof electric car reminiscent of its outline or a commercial van, or an autonomous taxi minivan. However, one can only orient oneself to this presentation with reservations, because for some reason the same Tesla Roadster of the second generation is not presented on the slide, although with its modest production quantities it can hardly influence the environmental situation on a global level.

The company expects to expand the capacity for stationary electricity storage to up to 240 TWh. According to Tesla management, this will not require a significant increase in ore mineral consumption. To achieve this goal, no more than 30% of the world’s nickel reserves will be spent, and iron ore on the planet already abounds, as Elon Musk said. In order to increase the capacity of stationary electricity storage to the specified level, less than 0.2% of the earth’s surface must be occupied by wind turbines and solar panels.

The transition to the use of electric vehicles requires mankind to increase the capacity of traction batteries and stationary storage systems to 115 TWh, charging the transport infrastructure requires a generation capacity of 4 TW and investment in production of US$ 7 trillion. For heating with geothermal heat, houses must be equipped with heat pumps, and in the industrial sector Musk allows the use of hydrogen as a fuel, whose use in the auto industry has repeatedly been criticized. Seagoing vessels and aircraft must also be converted to renewable energy sources.

Overall, this plan will require $10 trillion in investments to implement — not as large on the global economy scale as Musk believes. It requires neither the destruction of natural habitat nor radical asceticism. No one will force people to live in the cold or refuse to use electricity. Elon Musk wants to write down a more detailed plan for the transition to renewable energy later.

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