Ma wants to become Android for the VR market after

M**a wants to become “Android for the VR market” after the release of Apple Vision Pro

With the release of Apple Vision Pro, Meta Corporation expects a significant increase in interest in its own developments in the area of ​​virtual (VR) and mixed (MR) reality. In addition, the release of Apple’s new product is likely to give a significant impetus to the development of the $ 50 billion Metaverse project, which has not yet gained widespread popularity.

    Image source: Riki32/Pixabay

Image source: Riki32/Pixabay

As the Wall Street Journal writes, citing informed sources, metamanagement, including Mark Zuckerberg, expects that the appearance of the Apple Vision Pro headset on the market will be a kind of confirmation of the importance of their own developments in this area and attract a new audience. Meta-employee We are confident that their Quest virtual reality headset and its software ecosystem will become the main alternative to Apple’s headset and fill the niche that Android devices fill in the smartphone market.

According to meta management, their main battle with Apple will revolve around software developers, who will play a crucial role in developing apps that attract more users to their ecosystems. Although the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset has not yet reached consumers, it has already adapted Meta’s strategy. The company has now started to focus more on MR instead of initially just focusing on the metaverse.

It is worth noting that Apple is critical of the idea of ​​meta-metaverse. For example, Greg Joswiak, Apple’s marketing director, said that he would never use the term “metaverse”, and Tim Cook expressed doubts that the average person could explain the essence of this concept.

The release of Apple Vision Pro could have a significant impact on the development of the VR industry and bring companies like Meta, unique opportunities to expand your influence. This turning point in the history of technology opens new horizons for software users and developers and outlines new trends in the development of the entire industry.

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