Ma shared ARVR plans three new Quest holographic AR glasses

M**a shared AR/VR plans: three new Quest, holographic AR glasses and watches with neural interface

company meta* held an internal presentation where management outlined plans for the release of new virtual and augmented reality devices. Three Quest headsets are being prepared for release, AR glasses are planned for 2027, and smartwatches with a “neural interface” should also be expected.

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The first data glasses with a meta display* will appear in 2025 – they will work in conjunction with smartwatches. Full-fledged augmented reality glasses will appear in 2027, and company boss Mark Zuckerberg is certain that they will be as popular as cell phones. Company management shared the details with several thousand employees at the Reality Labs division – they were shown a full roadmap of devices and reports The edge. Even after a series of setbacks and a massive cost-cutting program, Meta* intends to continue investing in this area.

The company will release the flagship headset Meta by the end of this year* Quest 3 – compared to its predecessor, twice as compact, twice as strong, but also a bit more expensive. Following the recently announced Quest Pro, it will get a range of external cameras and support for mixed reality capabilities. Quest 3 is still code-named Stinson, and the product’s main problem is its higher price: to promote the new product, the company wants to attract enthusiasts who will help convince the consumer that the device’s new features are worth it are worth the cost.

The main advantage of the new generation headset will be the capabilities of mixed reality – in particular, a kind of “smart guard” that will help users navigate the real world. There will be 41 new apps for Quest 3, including some with mixed reality capabilities. And in 2024, the company will release a headset codenamed Ventura. The aim of this product is to offer maximum performance at the most attractive price on the market. Then we should also expect the most advanced La Jolla headset with support for photorealistic avatars.

Thousands of meta staff alongside the quest line* is engaged in the development of augmented reality glasses and wrist devices to control them. These gadgets are intended to be worn during the day and can replace modern smartphones. This fall meta* and Luxottica (which owns the Ray-Ban brand) will launch second-generation smart glasses, while third-generation glasses will get displays for showing incoming text messages, real-time text translation, and other basic augmented reality features in 2025. Such advanced smart glasses will be equipped with smart watches with a “neural interface” – in particular, it will allow to use not only gestures, but also a virtual keyboard and even type text as quickly as on a real keyboard. The smartwatch will of course have integration with social media and fitness apps – the developer doesn’t want users to have to choose between traditional smartwatches and augmented reality glasses.

But truly advanced, high-performance augmented reality glasses will come later: in 2024, their internal testing among Meta staff will begin.*, and they won’t appear on the market until 2027 at the earliest. This project has been in development for eight years and is codenamed Orion. It aims to allow overlaying of the real world with holographic avatars. Along with Orion, their simpler version is released, as well as the second generation of “neural interface” clocks.

These projects will be monetized based on the existing online advertising business model. The company hopes to increase average revenue per user compared to current indicators: it will consist of sales of devices and related digital products – cloud backups and advertising in the field of augmented reality.

* It is included in the list of public associations and religious organizations for which the court made a final decision to liquidate or ban activities on the grounds provided for in Federal Law No. 114-FZ of July 25. 2002 “On Countering Extremist Activities”.


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