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In response to new EU data protection rules that prevent targeted advertising from being directed at consumers, Meta decided to position its model as a voluntary choice of users. She suggested that area residents turn off advertising on Facebook and Instagram From €9.99 per month – for the first time.

Facebook applications and Instagram EU residents were told that they would have the opportunity to choose how they would continue to use these services: they would voluntarily consent to the collection of personal data to show them targeted advertising, or they would take out a subscription with a monthly fee, to use it fully, refuse advertising.

The subscription price starts at €9.99 – this price applies when registering via the web interface. Anyone who prefers to pay via mobile applications, i.e. via the payment systems of the Google or Apple app stores, must pay a commission in addition to the monthly fee for rejecting advertising on Facebook and Instagram will rise to €12.99.

Currently, the subscription fee applies to all accounts linked in a single “Account Center” meta. From March 1, 2024, the above amounts will only be charged for one account on a platform and for each additional account you will have to pay an additional €6 or €8 depending on the payment method. The subscription is offered to users over 18 years old.

In the meta message It notes that the company is offering a choice “due to changes in legislation in your area.” For those who want to continue using Facebook and Instagram As before, the company offers free of charge information about “products and brands from personalized advertising”, for which “your data” will be used.


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