Ma failed to sue the UK antitrust order to sell

M**a failed to sue the UK antitrust order to sell Giphy

British judges reject most of Meta’s appeal*which, at the suggestion of the antitrust authorities, decided against the forced sale of the Giphy service.

    Image source: succo /

Image source: succo /

company meta* (then still Facebook*) announced the acquisition of the GIF service Giphy in May 2020. The deal, valued at $400 million, sparked anger from Britain’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), who decided the takeover would give the new owner too much control over GIF publishing. An investigation was launched against the social media giant, followed by an order to sell Giphy so as not to monopolize access to animated images.

Meta* appealed this decision to the Competition Court of Appeal and put forward six arguments in support of his position. Only one thing was partially accepted by the court: it admitted that the CMA was aware of competitor Facebook’s plans* Snap to acquire the service for $142 million, but Snap subsequently bought an alternative solution, Gfycat. The court found it a mistake by the CMA not to disclose this information, even though its use could strengthen Meta’s position* to the antitrust authorities. The court rejected other arguments put forward by the company.

No orders followed: the court ruled that CMA and Meta* it is necessary to discuss their decision among themselves and to determine how to proceed. As the company’s representative told UK source The Register, its management still believes Giphy technologies should be integrated into Facebook.* instead of selling the platform. A meta-investment* in Giphy will help improve the quality of service for both ordinary users and businesses.

* It is included in the list of public associations and religious organizations for which the court made a final decision, activities on the grounds of Federal Law No. 114-FZ of July 25, 2002 “On Combating Extremist Activity”.

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