Ma employees do not want to work in a metaverse

M**a employees do not want to work in a metaverse that they are developing

During the pandemic, when colleagues only met via video calls, the meta boss’s interest grew* (then Facebook*) on virtual reality seemed justified. The company has changed its name and prioritized the “Metaverse” – a virtual world for shared entertainment and work. But the staff of the Meta* I’m still in no hurry to get into it.

    Image Credit: Mark Zuckerberg

Image Credit: Mark Zuckerberg

Meta* still sells the idea to corporate clients and consumers. The day before, the company had announced the VR headset Quest 3, which causes positive emotions, and on Monday Apple is expected to present its own device for a similar purpose, becoming Meta’s direct competitor*. But for now even Meta itself* does not practice what it preaches – its employees do not use VR headsets and they do not hold virtual workshops, writes Bloomberg citing information provided by 11 employees of the company. Regular visits to the Metaverse are shunned even by those on duty building that very virtual reality, said one of Meta’s employees* on condition of anonymity.

The company only makes headsets available to those employees who choose to participate in an internal program to test new Metaverse features before releasing them to a wide range of users – the rest can only qualify for a discount. Some departments have honestly experimented with working meetings in virtual reality, but decided to abandon this idea – it’s impractical and there are too many bugs in the metaverse itself. Prolonged use of a VR headset can cause nausea and discomfort, admits Meta*and recommend taking a break every 30 minutes. The graphics in the metaverse are far inferior to the real world: legless “cartoon” avatars look ridiculous and unprofessional, and the mere need to wear a headset is embarrassing. As a result, only a few hundred thousand people use the Horizon Worlds platform, the company’s first attempt at building a metaverse.

In the meta* Refuse to provide data on how company employees use the metaverse. Employees say it depends on the department and the position: some go into the virtual world on a weekly basis, others are compelled to do so due to large meetings and events, and some can afford to neglect that duty altogether — especially those who are in person in the virtual world work the office. Management is now actively opposing the remote work agreed upon during the pandemic years and is encouraging employees to come in person. Meta CEO* Mark Zuckerberg recently cited an internal study showing that budding engineers perform better when they work side-by-side with colleagues at least three days a week. The company will increase its presence in the office, especially as the space rented in the name of savings decreases.

Multiple meta fonts* sold retail chain Walmart and consulting firm Accenture to run virtual reality training and meetings. But even employees who carry out demonstrations do not use VR headsets in their work. And the meta guide* continues to spend billions of dollars on technology in the metaverse.

* It is included in the list of public associations and religious organizations for which the court made a final decision to liquidate or ban activities on the grounds provided for in Federal Law No. 114-FZ of July 25, 2002 “On Combating Extremists”. has met activity”.

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