Ma blocks the transmission of messages between Im and Fk

M**a blocks the transmission of messages between I******m and F******k Messenger

Meta Platforms has begun disabling the cross-app chat feature that enabled messaging from Instagram on Facebook Messenger and vice versa. This is likely due to the company’s intention to increase the level of compliance of its products with the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA), which contains certain requirements for messaging platforms.

    Image source: JESHOOTS-com/Pixabay

Image source: JESHOOTS-com/Pixabay

In 2020 metathen called Facebookannounced the launch of a cross-platform integration enabling Instagram users and Facebook Messengers send messages to each other directly. Three years later, the company seems to have decided to change its integration course.

The developers’ published notice states that it will be possible to organize chats between Instagram from around mid-December 2023 and Facebook Messenger will no longer be available. The developers note that users will no longer be able to start new text or voice conversations through Instagram accounts and Facebook Delivery boy. In this case, all existing chats are saved but are read-only. Users also cannot view the status of interlocutors on another social network.

Reason for disabling messaging between Instagram and Facebook Messenger is not specified. Most likely, this decision is due to the company’s desire to comply with European Union legislation, which, among other things, requires ensuring compatibility between messaging platforms. For the same purpose meta is developing a “Third Party Chats” function for WhatsApp Messenger.


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