Ma and IBM join forces to form an open AI

M**a and IBM join forces to form an open AI alliance

Meta and IBM have joined forces with more than 40 companies and organizations to form an industry group focused on open source AI development. The initiative, called AI Alliance, aims to share technology and reduce risk in this dynamic industry.

    Image source: Geralt/Pixabay

Image source: Geralt/Pixabay

The AI ​​Alliance focuses on the responsible development of AI technologies, that is, on the development of tools to protect and secure them. The group also aims to increase the number of open AI models, as opposed to the proprietary AI systems favored by some companies, the statement said. As part of the initiative, the development of new devices and collaboration with universities and research organizations are planned.

Supporters of open source AI technology believe this approach is more effective for developing complex systems. In the last few months meta introduced open versions of its large language models that underlie AI chatbots. “We believe AI development should be open so that more people can reap the benefits, develop innovative products and work towards security.” said Nick Clegg, President of Meta on international issues.

Beyond Meta AI Alliance members include technology companies such as Oracle, AMD, Intel and Stability AI, as well as academic and research institutions such as the University of Notre Dame (UND) and the Massachusetts Open Cloud Alliance (MOC Alliance). It is proposed to establish a Government Council and a Technical Oversight Committee to coordinate activities and develop standards.

Recent events at OpenAI, which included the firing and subsequent reinstatement of CEO Sam Altman, have intensified the debate about the need for transparency in the development of powerful AI technologies. However, OpenAI is not mentioned among the participants in the newly formed alliance.

The initiative could be a significant step towards a more open and secure future of AI, promoting a balance between innovation and ethical standards in a rapidly evolving field.

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