Lucid Motors will also use Teslas NACS charging standard

Lucid Motors will also use Tesla’s NACS charging standard

Not the largest and certainly not the most profitable manufacturer of electric vehicles remains the company Lucid Motors, which, during the period of general euphoria about the transition to the NACS charging connector standard, criticized Tesla’s infrastructure, but still agreed to join its camp of supporters 2025.

    Image source: Lucid Motors

Image source: Lucid Motors

Let us recall that previously Lucid representatives were puzzled by the low voltage of the power network of Tesla electric vehicles, which does not exceed 400 V in classic models. The entire infrastructure of Tesla Supercharger charging stations was originally created to comply with this standard. Lucid electric vehicles can run on 1000V, significantly reducing charging time. It turns out that when connected to a Tesla charging station, the Lucid electric car charges for much longer than it is capable of.

Measured at Press release, which appeared on Lucid Motors’ website yesterday, convenience considerations outweigh such arguments as the company will ensure compatibility of its electric vehicles shipped to North America with Tesla Superchargers, of which there are already more than 15,000 in the region, starting in 2025. In the first step, compatibility is ensured by using a CCS to NACS adapter. When new electric vehicles are launched on the market from 2025, Lucid will initially equip them with a NACS connection.

By the way, the Hyundai concern also previously expressed doubts about the efficiency of charging its electric vehicles designed for a voltage of 800 V at Tesla-branded stations, but in the end joined the camp of NACS supporters. Tesla itself will equip the Cybertruck electric pickups, whose production has already started, with a high-voltage network with a voltage of 800 V in order to be able to carry out the corresponding modernization of its charging station network.

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