Lucid Motors cuts its luxury electric vehicle production schedule again

Lucid Motors cuts its luxury electric vehicle production schedule again for 2022

Luxury electric vehicle startup Lucid Motors has announced a change in production schedules. If earlier the company intended to deliver about 20,000 cars in 2022, now it plans to produce only 6-7 thousand cars. So far this year, the company has delivered only 1405 cars, so the production lines will be strained in the second half of the year should be unprecedentedly large, otherwise the new plan will also fail.

    Image source: Lucid Motors

Image source: Lucid Motors

Interruptions in the supply chains of components and raw materials are cited as the source of the problem. In a report to investors, the Californian startup announced planned structural changes to both the company and its interaction plan with suppliers in order to increase production volumes. Management says it has already identified key bottlenecks and is taking the necessary steps to address them, from streamlining logistics to hiring new staff.

In addition to problems with the volume of production, in May the manufacturer had to respond to a new challenge – the recall of all copies of Air 2022 electric vehicles due to problems with electrical wiring, a total of more than 1,000 cars. But even such problems have not dampened the high demand for premium electric vehicles. According to the company, there are currently 37,000 orders for the Lucid Air electric sedan. Additionally, Lucid Motors plans to sell more than 100,000 electric vehicles to the Saudi Arabian government, which has invested more than $1 billion in the startup and owns more than 62% of the company.

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