Low latency animal battles Party Animals released with support for

Low latency animal battles: Party Animals released with support for NVIDIA Reflex and DLSS 2

NVIDIA company told about new gaming products that support DLSS intelligent image scaling technology and Reflex response time optimization.

    Image source: Steam (Shrike)

Image source: Steam (Shrike)

First, both technologies have been available in the online arcade fighting game Party Animal since its release on September 20th. Reflex reduces system latency and DLSS 2 improves performance (1.7x at maximum settings at 4K).

Second, Reflex and DLSS 3 appeared in three games from the start:

  • Beta version (available until September 25) of free cooperative action game The First Descendant – Reflex reduces latency by 56% in 4K resolution;
  • Fantasy medieval online action game Warhaven – thanks to Reflex, 4K response improves by 46%;
  • Roglite dark fantasy shooter Witchfire (Early Access in EGS) – with Reflex, latency is reduced by 57% (also in 4K).

    Impact of DLSS 2 on Party Animals 4K performance (Image source: NVIDIA)

Impact of DLSS 2 on Party Animals 4K performance (Image source: NVIDIA)

Thirdly, today, September 21st, with the release of a major patch 2.0, support for DLSS 3.5 with Ray Reconstruction technology will receive Action role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077. NVIDIA showed what is remarkable about this new product in the game in recent videos.

According to NVIDIA, Reflex technology is available in more than 70 projects, including 9 of the top 10 competitive shooters, and is used by more than 50 million gamers every month, and more than 340 games and applications are already equipped with DLSS.

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