Losing revenue Asetek prepares a legal attack on manufacturers of liquid cooling systems

Danish company Asetek has specialized in the production of liquid cooling systems, including maintenance-free versions, for decades, which gives it confidence in a new initiative to bring legal claims against competitors. At least in the US market, Asetek will try to cut off rivals with the help of lawyers who are already sending out threatening letters.

Image source: Arctic

Image source: Arctic

A German resource told about a new stage of the competitive struggle Igor’s LAB… The source cites a photograph of a letter that was sent to the Swiss office of Arctic demanding to stop selling Liquid Freezer II liquid cooling systems in the United States, as they allegedly infringe Asetek’s patent. In the American jurisdiction, Asetek actually owns the rights to implement maintenance-free cooling systems that combine a water block, pump and heat exchanger with the functions of a coolant reservoir. This definition covers the products of most brands on the American market, including Aerocool, EK Water Blocks, Jonsbo, Lian Li and other well-known names. The corresponding letters on behalf of the law firm representing the interests of Asetek have already been sent to these companies.

Notably, Asetek’s patent expires in June 2025, so the Danish company doesn’t have much time to pursue its claims. Asetek could have taken such an unpopular step as a result of the current financial predicament. Revenue for the year, according to the adjusted forecasts, should increase by only 10–20% instead of the previously planned 20–30%. Operating profit will not exceed $ 2 million, and may even turn out to be zero. As you know, Asetek will have to write off $ 2.5 million as a result of refusing to serve the supercomputer systems market. Only he last year brought the company 10% of all revenue. Now Asetek seems to want to cash in on patent litigation.

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