Looks very unfinished The new gameplay of the action role playing

“Looks very unfinished”: The new gameplay of the action role-playing game Kingdom: The Blood based on the series “Kingdom of the Zombie” failed to impress the players

Developers from the South Korean studio Action Square (Anvil, Blade series) through the portal IGN presented a new gameplay video of their action RPG Kingdom: The Blood, based on the Netflix series Zombie Kingdom.

    Image source: Action Square

Image source: Action Square

In the four and a half minute video, Kingdom: The Blood director Kang Hyungseok comments on the gameplay. The developer spoke about the most important aspects of the upcoming game.

On the one hand, the clothing of the characters in Kingdom: The Blood is based on real historical models and the fights on the techniques of traditional Korean martial arts.

Second, Hyun Suk promises that Kingdom: The Blood will recreate key features and moments from Zombie Kingdom, which will provide players with unique and challenging challenges.

Third, in addition to the story campaign, Kingdom: The Blood includes Conquest Modes (unique battle scenarios) and a Boss Marathon, as well as competitive PvP multiplayer.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

Audiences weren’t too impressed with the new show, with around 600 dislikes for every 1,000 likes. The game seemed to the users insufficiently polished. “Looks very unfinished”wrote thanks bro

Kingdom: The Blood is being made for PC (steam), iOS and Android. According to the story, at the beginning of the 16th century, alongside a fierce struggle for power, an unknown virus broke out on the territory of Joseon State, turning people into zombies.

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