Looks too good to be true A new gameplay teaser

“Looks too good to be true”: A new gameplay teaser for the all-too-realistic shooter Unrecord impressed players

The realistic shooter Unrecord from the developers of the DRAMA studio, which simulates a camera on a personal video recorder, received a new gameplay teaser after seven months of silence from the authors.

    Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

The teaser consisted of an 18-second video of Unrecord gameplay that programmer and co-head of development Alexandre Spindler had released the day before published on my microblog.

“We are still here”“, Spindler accompanied the new publication. The released video is not of high quality, but shows a realistic environment and several gameplay scenarios.

In particular, Spindler showed shootouts with enemies in various locations (wasteland, building under construction, forest, basement), meticulous reload animations and footage of a chase on the highway.

Users in the comments on the post were impressed (especially with the car chase). “Looks too good to be true”says Mocib. The developers have already proven the authenticity of the Unrecord gameplay.

Unrecord is positioned as a mix between the tactical shooter “Ready or Not” and the story-based adventure “Firewatch”. Players in the role of a police officer must solve a complex case using their tactical and detective skills.

Unrecord is built for PC and unnamed platforms using Unreal Engine 5. They promise an action-packed thriller “difficult moral dilemmas”, “Innovative game mechanics” and proper optimization.


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