Looks like Dino Crisis is about to expand the PlayStation

Looks like Dino Crisis is about to expand the PlayStation Plus catalog of classic games

Several Twitter users subscribed to the updated PlayStation Plus service in Asia reported about the banner seen at the service featuring agent Regina from the action horror series Dino Crisis.

    Image source: Capcom

Image source: Capcom

Regina features on the poster for the PS Plus Classics Catalog, available to active PS Plus Premium subscribers (Deluxe in non-Sony Cloud regions).

At the same time, at this stage of its development, there is not a single Dino Crisis in the service’s library. It can be assumed that the first and/or second part of the series will be available with the original PlayStation in the near future.

    Image Source: Twitter (windycornertv)

Image Source: Twitter (windycornertv)

The PlayStation Plus Asian Classics Library has a total of 50 projects (including over 30 PS4 remasters). Games from the original PlayStation run through the built-in emulator and are available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The updated PlayStation Plus subscription, with three tariff plans instead of one, has only launched in Asia so far. The launch is already expected on June 1st in Japan, on June 13th in North and South America and on June 23rd in Europe.

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