Long line of strange coincidences Blue Box CEO explains Abandoneds

“Long line of strange coincidences”: Blue Box CEO explains Abandoned’s ambiguous teasers

Hasan Kahraman, CEO of Blue Box Game Studios, in conversation IGN explained the ambiguous teasers and ambiguous moves from a marketing point of view by the developers of the survival shooter Abandoned.

    Image Credit: Blue Box Game Studios

Image Credit: Blue Box Game Studios

Let’s start with the latest: last week, Blue Box deleted many of his tweets about plans for Abandoned. The players admitted that the project was canceled, but the studio denied these assumptions.

According to Kahraman, he did not expect such a reaction from the audience. The developer only wanted to publish the news that still contained relevant information: “That was not a good idea”.

    The same July teaser

The same July teaser

As for the ambiguous teasers, in Blue Box’s June and July releases, players saw fairly explicit references to Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid, respectively, although Kahraman says the developers meant no such thing.

As Kahraman said, Abandoned’s confusion stems from his inexperience with dealing with large audiences: “A few days later I even recorded a video to show that I am me and it’s all just a long series of weird coincidences.”.

Kahraman also admitted that he was afraid to show one far from the final version of Abandoned because players often jump to conclusions. However, chances are to see the achievements of the Blue Box still there.

Abandoned is positioned as a temporary PS5 exclusive. Additionally, in the same interview, Kahraman shared the game’s plot details and spoke about the purpose of the interactive prologue.


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