LogicMonitor provided default and weak passwords to its customers

LogicMonitor provided default and weak passwords to its customers

Customers of network security company LogicMonitor learn hacker Attacks based on the use of default passwords. It is noted that until recently, the company provided its customers with weak passwords by default, which caused the incident.

    Image Source: Geralt / Pixabay

Image Source: Geralt / Pixabay

LogicMonitor, a network security company, has confirmed a security breach affecting some of its customers. According to company spokeswoman Jessica Church, she is actively working to eliminate the consequences of the incident and is in close contact with affected customers.

The main reason for the incident was that until recently, LogicMonitor provided its customers with standard and weak passwords like “Welcome@” followed by a short number. A source familiar with the situation said that when registering an account with LogicMonitor, the company set a default password for all of the organization’s user accounts. Up to this point, passwords did not have to be changed and were not temporary. The password is now valid for 30 days and must be changed the first time you log in.

According to a LogicMonitor customer, the company is actively contacting its customers and warning them of a possible security breach of their credentials. While a LogicMonitor spokesman did not provide further details on the incident, one company is known to have lost more than 400 systems due to a ransomware attack that exploited a weak default password.

The LogicMonitor service allows customers to monitor their network infrastructure, including cloud resources. The company’s official website states that it monitors 800 billion readings daily for 3 million active devices and has more than 100,000 software users in 30 countries.

The password incident highlights the importance of tightly controlling and updating security measures, especially for companies in the IT space. It also reminds you to regularly update and strengthen your passwords to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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